Camp Arrowhead: Now just a bus ride away!

We are excited to once again be able to offer busing this summer to share our amazing camp with new campers and to allow families, who can only stay at their cottage for a few weeks in the summer, the opportunity to send their kids to Arrowhead for any session this summer, even if they are in the city!

Staff members will accompany campers each day on the bus. Staff will be there to engage with, and care for, the children on the bus ride. The busing company we use prides itself in ensuring the safe and personal touch to alleviate any questions or apprehensions parents may have. Contact numbers for Dispatch and the staff Bus Captains are always available so communication is never an issue.

Although we encourage social interaction, if parents wish, campers can bring items to help entertain themselves on the bus ride (books, activities, eReaders, iPods, iPads, etc). When the campers arrive at camp, the bus captain will collect these items in a bag and store them in the camp office safely during the camp day. The items will be returned to the campers when they board the bus in the afternoon.

If you have any busing related questions, please contact our Camp

Bus Routes*

Bus 1: South Bus

Bus Stop: Faywood ABC

95 Faywood Blvd, Toronto

Pick-up 8:15am

Drop-off 5:25pm


Bus 2: North Bus

Bus Stop 1: Bathurst St./Rutherford Rd. Plaza

9360 Bathurst Street, Thornhill

Pick-up 8:15am

Drop-off 5:15pm

*pick-up/drop-off times and locations will be confirmed the week before your camper(s) start Camp*