Registration Policy

Applications made prior to May 15th for the Main Camp, Specialty, Pre-CIT or CIT Programs must be accompanied by a deposit:

The deposit is $100 per week per camper.

  1. Deposits must be received by December 15th to qualify for Early Bird Pricing.
  2. Early Bird registration is completed only once the Camp is in receipt of the required deposited, as per above. A notification email will be sent to each family confirming registration.
  3. No verbal registrations will be accepted.
  4. A 5% discount fee is available to a camper registered for 4 weeks or more. Changes made after registration that reduce the number of weeks the camper is enrolled to less than 4 weeks will result in the discount being eliminated.
  5. If paying by cheque, a post-dated cheque for the balance of fees should be mailed to the camp office upon registration.
  6. All Early Bird Registration fees must be paid, in full, by March 1st.
  7. Registrations not paid in full by March 1st will be adjusted to the Summer Rate.
  8. Registrations made after December 15th must be paid in full by May 15th.
  9. Registrations made after May15th must be paid in full upon registration.
  10. REGISTRATION IS NOT FINALIZED UNTIL BALANCE OF FEES IS PAID IN FULL.  If full payment is not received by May 15th, your child’s spot will not be guaranteed and may be given to someone else.  Please note that if registration is not finalized as of May 15th, any and all fees collected to date are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  11. Campers will not be permitted into Camp unless registration is finalized, that is, all fees have been paid in full.
  12. Changes made for both July and August sessions before June 1st will be accepted without charge and are not guaranteed until availability can be confirmed.      Changes do not include cancellations of weeks.
  13. ANY cancellations are covered under the refund policy and are subject to either an administration fee or loss of deposit.
  14. Additions made after December 15th will be subject to the Summer Rate.

There will be a charge of $25.00 for each cheque returned from the bank due to non-sufficient funds (N.S.F.).

Refund Policy

Cancellation requests are to be made, in writing, to the Camp Administrator (

  • Prior to FEBRUARY 1st, 2020 cancellations will be allowed and funds returned less an administration fee of $60 per camper.
  • After February 1st, 2020 but before May 15th, 2020   cancellations will be allowed subject to loss of deposit for weeks cancelled – $100 per week per camper.
  • After May 15th all fees paid are considered non-refundable.
  • No adjustment for fees shall be made for a camper who arrives late or leaves early for any reason.
  • No refunds will be made for camp days missed due to illness or personal matters.
  • Refund requests are to be made in writing to the President of the Parent’s Association
  • All refunds will be made after September 30

General Camp Policies

  • All first time campers are required to submit a copy of their birth certificate with their application.
  • All campers, in all programs, with the exception of Chickadee 1/2, must be toilet trained at the start of their first week of camp. 
  • Space in cabin groups is limited. Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Although we try our best to place all campers with their friends of the same age, due to the high demand of some cabin groups this past summer, we are not able to guarantee a place within their desired cabin.
  • Final cabin placements are the sole discretion of the Camp Director and are based on grade level.
  • Every step is taken to ensure the safety and health of each camper. In the event of sickness or accident, the camp cannot accept the liability. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the camper’s medical information is completed/updated in Camp Brain by May 15th.
  • In the event of an emergency and/or special medical treatment, parents will be notified immediately. If the parents cannot be reached, permission is hereby given to Camp Arrowhead to take whatever steps it deems necessary to ensure the safety and health of each camper.
  • Although every effort is made to return lost or misplaced articles, the camp cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Campers are not to bring cell phones or other communication or electronic devices to camp.
  • The parent or guardian hereby consents to the use of the Campers photograph by Camp Arrowhead.
  • Unless otherwise conveyed in writing, the parent or guardian hereby consents to the camp providing their names and contact information to other families in their child’s cabin groups.
  • The parent or guardian hereby consents that their child can participate in all camp activities including supervised trips or activities not on camp property unless they advise the camp otherwise in writing.
  • Camp Arrowhead reserves the right to dismiss campers if it is thought to be in the best interest of the camper and the camp. In such cases a proportionate refund will be made. There will be no refund of fees if a camper is dismissed due to infractions related to alcohol, drugs or tobacco.  Camp Arrowhead reserves the right to refuse any future applications to camp programs.

Camp Arrowhead 10 Commandments

  1. I will participate in camp programs to the best of my ability.
  2. I will use appropriate language.
  3. I will respect my cabin mates and counselors.
  4. I will care for my belongings, camp property and equipment.
  5. I will be an inclusive member of my cabin grouping and unit.
  6. I will follow camp safety rules.
  7. I will wear a hat, sunscreen and appropriate footwear each day.
  8. I will wash my hands frequently when eating and using the bathroom.
  9. I will be a good sport and have a positive attitude.
  10. I will leave my cell phone, smartphone and other electronic devices at home.

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Policy

As of July 2014, new federal regulations have been put into place that apply to any “Commercial Electronic Messages” (CEMs) sent from or to Canadian computers and devices in Canada.

By registering your children at Camp Arrowhead, you are giving express consent to receive electronic messages from Camp Arrowhead for the purpose of communicating camp events, policies, promotions and information.

In compliance with this legislation, every message that you receive will include our Camp name and contact information. In addition, all messages will include an unsubscribe option to allow you to be removed from our e-mailing list at any time.

If you have any questions or wish further clarification please contact us at

Privacy Policy

As of January 2006, new federal legislation has been put into place to protect your personal information.

Our Camp understands the importance of protecting your personal information. To help you understand how we are doing that, we have outlined here how our office under direction of the Camp Arrowhead Parent’s Association is used and disclosing your information.

  • To deliver safe and efficient camper care
  • To identify and ensure continuous high quality care
  • To assess your child’s health needs
  • To provide health care for your child
  • To enable you to contact us
  • To establish and maintain communications with you

All information supplied is used at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Private information is used by Camp Arrowhead Parent’s Association only and will be used for such until a Camp Arrowhead Board of Director is otherwise notified in writing.

If you have any questions or wish further clarification please contact us at